Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where Beagles Care.

Thanks to everyone who read the Biketumor piece and actually clicked the link to this debacle. (Whether because you really wanted to read more... or because you just had to see how much worse it could get.)

As you might have noticed, the piece was basically a barely edited reprint of what I wrote here.
I wasn't really expecting any kind of publication outside of my own public-private musings on this personal blargh. And when it looked like my attempts at self-sabotage were for naught, and Tyler wanted to publish it anyway, I wasn't expecting anything close to a positive response.
Needless to say, I was kind of blown away.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it.... and super thanks to everyone who didn't, but who opted not to say anything.(You're the real heroes in this story.)

I'm just bummed that I totally fucked up the "rocket" reference. The entire story hinged on that one joke....and I blew it.
(Along with any chance I ever had to woo Vicki Barclay away from Strauber.)

I'll never forget that make-believe day. 

There were other glaring issues, not least of which was my obnoxious bluster.

For example, I'm not sure what happened with the picture formatting.
I had to resize and reload just about every picture into wordpress, and in a number of cases invert and rotate them. It appears that there's some interface issue, as pictures look fine on the computer (outside of the obvious sucking), but are all kinds of messed up on the phone and Ipad.
Sorry. I blame Obamacare.

And dare we even mention fact-checking?
I still don't know where I got that 1200+ riders number. It was closer to a googolplex.

And originally I had a PS, a PPS and a PMS.
The PS was to "support your local bike shop".
The PPS was a link to this turd of a blog.
And the PMS was "Fuck whatever online fuck is advertising on this page."
But Tyler found that....and removed it.

Oh well.
He's got to keep the advertisers happy-ish, I guess.
(No, but seriously.... fuck them.)

The blog started as a way to promote the shop and the team, but devolved pretty quickly into race-reports, and ridiculous storytelling. What can I say? That was infinitely more interesting (to write) than insincere blathering about product and sales.
Coupled with the devolution was some much needed evolution, all of which came from seeing how SnobbyDicky and Stevil did it.
But despite that, it's still very much amateur hour over here, so....sorry... I guess.

Rich always gives me shit because I post so sporadically. I've been working on that, but... I mean.... Damn. I can barely find time to get my trainwreck of a life in order on a daily basis much less try to corral my mental vomit into a readable format for literally tens of people. (Who said it's readable, Watts?)
I'm already busy enough with the shop and with single-fatherhood of the most awesome little kid ever.

Milo the boy.
I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch. You better think about it, Daddy.
Add to that the difficulty justifying any time spent on writing that in all likelihood only serves to alienate potential customers...
And you've got the perfect recipe for procrastination. Well... a pretty good one, anyway.

The point ultimately being... sincere thanks for wasting some time over here.

(FYI, You'll never get that time back.... Ever.)

Next up: Double Dare.

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