Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're young and good looking.... Give us money.

This past Sunday, we helped put on the final race in the North Carolina Cyclocross series, here on our home turf.... Greensboring, NC.
It was a good day. Cold....Somewhat miserable in light of the balmy insanity we've been having... but honestly, a pretty typical winter day. Perfect for some cross.
As it was a "home" game... we... the Revolting Cogs... had a decent representation in the various categories. Brian Alabama, who usually races CX3 didn't have the heart to race that day, and Genisis who had been doing well in the women's field, didn't have the enhusiasm. Nor did AJ. But despite missing three of our regulars.... we had a good showing... mostly CX4, with Lonnie James, myself, Dr. Greg Quispy Bell, Eric Sauer, Eric Peterson. Cullen Cooper Dominated the Single Speed category, soundly spanking his rivals.

In fact... the Revolting Cogs had 3 wins on Sunday. I won the CX4 Masters race. Cullen won the Single Speed race...And then Tommy Cassanova destroyed the CX 4 category (and myself) by an unbelievable margin. Here we are having a discussion about his results and how he had better never... NEVER... make me look bad like that again.

"You pull that s*** again and I'm going to beat your ass... do we understand each other?"
(if I look old and tired in this photo, it's because I am)

After about half a lap and working our way past some folks who had managed better starts than us, Tommy said "Watts, I'm going to go fast." I think I grunted or made a noise... assenting that I had heard him, but that as I was already going as fast as I cared to or could, such words made little sense. And then Tommy went past me... and kept on going. I admit... knowing Tommy was in the lead, and having raced hard earlier, I felt content to sit up and defend a solid second place for the Cogs (uh huh...) Allowing my protege, young Tommy to have a win himself (sure... sure....) So I wasn't really interested in working that hard (yeah... right)
I'm going to keep telling myself that, anyway.
But the fact is... that boy has some talent... and made this s*** look all too easy. I have a tattoo appointment tomorrow, and think that I might change the whole tone of it and just get "TOMS BICH" across my knuckles.

If he doesn't do something with that talent then I might really have to administer a sound beating. I may look old... but back when I wrestled Junior Varsity B my senior year of highschool... whew... let me tell you.
It was good to have a win. But I fear that I now bear the burden of a Scarlet Letter. A large S for Sandbagger. Certainly I was told as much during the race (I counted 30 times). But it's not my fault.
A few weeks ago I had applied for an upgrade to CX3, basing my entire appeal not on results (having none to report.... I know... but wait, hear me out) but on the fact that I am single father bike shop owner who is unable to make it to races very often (at all) and that when I do, would be labled a massive sandbagger were I to race CX4.
My appeal was, not surprisingly, rejected by USA Cycling, the "governing body" of domestic racing. "No one will think you are a sandbagger if you work hard to get the points needed for upgrade. My advice is to just do the required races." REJECTED. If the said official had been at the race on Sunday, he would have no choice but to apologize for his lies.
Me thinks another appeal is in order.

There's a good crew of folks involved with the shop right now.
And involved with the team. We might not be pulling in massive wins at the races. But we represent... and in most cases we're probably having more fun than everyone else.

In fact, I know we are.
Give us money.

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