Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last Friday......

... the power got turned off at the shop.
But wait!.... it's not for the reason you're thinking.
(Though come on.... it's not like that hasn't happened before.)
No... this time it's because I TOLD them to turn it off. Which seems odd when you consider how very vexed I was when it actually happened. After having a near schizoid embolism about it for about 5 minutes... I just shrugged and changed my focus for the day.
You see.... about two months ago, I called Duke Energy and told them that I needed power set up in our NEW LOCATION! And that I would be terminating service in the current space. As there was NO POSSIBLE WAY  we'd need any power in the "old" space past the 31st of May, I told them to nix it on that date.
Two months later the power goes out and the first words out of my mouth are "WTF?!!" (though not abreviated). When I confronted the woman who had just emerged from behind the building, she checked her records and told me that there was a contract to terminate. Not a non-pay, but someone actually called to cancel service.
As I began to tell her how wrong she was, I felt the rusty gears of my brain start grinding away and instead opened my mouth dumbly... closed it.... opened it again... and said very softly, "oh... oh yeah".....
You'd think I'd have remembered, right? Marked it on the calender.... SOMETHING!
And I did... but to my mind there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that it was already the 31st. No way!
I cannot believe how quickly these months have flown by. It's SUMMER!
This coming Friday is the last day of school for my son. And I'll be honest... It's bumming me out. Not because he's out of school... but because that means it's his last day of Kintergarten... and that he's growing up! Too fast! Where did the time go? How did I miss so much of it? I don't want my little guy growing up so fast!
Here's a little something that reminded me of Milo and his own bike riding adventures and learning curve. It cracks me up every time.

There have  been a few stumbling blocks on moving the shop. Things take a little longer than you anticipate. Having to travel out of town for important family business. Having to play "hurry up and wait" with various projects.
One of the more bizarre was that when I tried to transfer the phone service to the new location.... I was told by Time Warner that there was currently another account in service for that spot. As the spot had been vacant for 6 months, I told them that was highly unlikely. According to their records... the previous tenant still had active phone service there. Again... as the spot had been vacant for 6 months, I told them that this was nigh impossible and would they please send someone out to set up the phone. I mean.... have the previous tenants been paying for active service in a empty spot for 6 months? And if not... why wouldn't Time Warner have cut that s*** off months ago? I mean... if I'm so much as a week late I start getting notices of termination. Did I miss something?
(As it turns out, yes, the previous tenanat was still paying for phone service in their vacant spot. A book keeping error. Ahhh... to be a business that could bleed money like that and remain unaffected......I should have just hooked up to it and kept my mouth shut.)
Anyway... the point of this truly random rant is to (have an overdue blog entry and) tell you that...
We're MOVED!!!!
It's a bit incomplete.... I don't have my sign up yet. And there's a ton of stuff at the old space. And it's a effing mess. And nothing is where it should be yet.
Did you happen to witness our last move? We did it in a week! And I swore I'd never do anything like that again.
Well... when you're a single dad running a bike shop in the middle of the busy season and doing the upfit of the new space entirely by your self.... you do what you can. And I'm pretty damned pleased with what I've done with the time and resources at my disposal...I'll be honest.
So..... as of tomorrow, we are operating completely out of the new space. It's pretty damn exciting.
Soon enough we'll be doing a soiree to celebrate the move... bike ride, party and yard sale.
Keep on (R)EVOLVING, cogs!

Your good friend and best man at your 2nd wedding...


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