Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Masters 35 P(l)uss

Today is my birthday. 35 years old.
A relatively non-climactic age for most of the world. Not a 30. Not a 40. Sure... there's a 5, which counts for something.
In the cycling world, however....there is a strange modicum of mystique attached to this age, as it means that I can now race the Masters 35+ category.
(Which really means that I can now get my ass handed to me by the pros warming up for their race. It's kind of liberating, really.)
On Sunday I utilized this newfound freedom and raced the 35+ category of the Final CX race here in Greensboro. Sure... if I'd raced 4, I'd could have won... but where's the fun in that? Nooooo. I kid.
Here's Greg, Ben and I representing and looking ridiculous midfield.
(Well.... Greg and I look okay, if a wee bit jaunty in our hops. Ben couldn't have timed things better....)
I've got alot to do over the next week. This birthday is a real milemarker in alot of ways.
With decisions to be made about what I want to do with what I've got.
They're going to suck. (don't they always?)
And regardless of what they are... they'll probably be wrong. (aren't they always?)
So let's get busy making some bad decisions.
Get busy living... or get busy dying, right?


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