Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monologue About Stuff

OH MY GAWD!!! A blog entry!!!
I know... I know....
Can I say I've been busy? Soooo busy? I have. But come on... how long does it take to spew useless tripe out of your.... mouth? Hands? Heat oppressed brain?
And it is heat oppressed. Two Saturdays ago, I rode with Neil, Eric, Larry Awesome, Alex, Gary, and Brian up to the Virginia line. I'd taken an unofficial hiatus from riding for a month (see.... busy!) and decided the way back on would be a 110 mile epic. In 95 degree heat. (Good thinking, Watts!) I believe that we each dumped at least two gallons of ice-cold "Deer Park" water on our heads at various stops, and in a very whiney fashion, I demanded at least two more stops at church spigots. All in all, I did pretty well considering. And I was tired the next day, but that's about it. I'll tell you the key. After a long summer ride, fill the bath with cold water and whatever ice is in your freezer. It sucks getting in, but helps to lower your core body temp, and speeds recovery tremendously.
To follow it up, I decided to ride 75 miles back to back on two other heated days. On both days,  I drank 7 water bottles and wore 6. I don't know if riding around midday on "heat advisory" days is "advisable", but you do what you gotta do.
I hope that other folks are having good riding season and are getting out. It's El Nino this year and a little wetter than we've had in a while. Personally... I love it. Bout time. Just make sure you're riding safe. I can't stress drinking enough... um.... enough. Being in the south we have a veritable cornicopia of churches on any of our bike routes. They always have spigots. Don't feel bad about using them. Or about stopping for a second to refill and cool down. As much as we may fool ourselves, we're not champs. We've got nothing to lose from taking a break, and nothing to gain from pushing almost dying of heat stroke. What? Is Team Dingus going to pull your sponsorship because you didn't win the Group Ride?

See how easy that was? I spewed a bunch of meaningless doody and now have a blog post. Look for more!!!!
Hmmm... I guess the shop blog should really be used to promote shop stuff. Okay. I'll do that sometime. I'm not really a big self promoter. And half the time I'm so cynical that any kind of promotion strikes me as silly.
"Hey y'all. We're doing a sale on the best floor pump in the world! It will literally BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Get it now, only at REVOLUTION CYCLES,NC the best bike shop in the world! No... in the UNIVERSE!!!"
Just more proof that I'm not necessarily a bid'ness man. Just a dude who likes bikes and bike culture. I like talking to people about them. I like riding them. (I REALLY like riding them.) And yeah...Selling them is good too as it has the potential to pay the bills (and I desperately need to pay those damn things... so uh... Come by a bike. Or something. NO really.) Although... I'm getting better. Still trying not to succumb to some of the more ridiculous forms of promotion....The ones that make me dislike retail.... but there are ways to promote without being a dingus.
Okay. I'll stop while I'm ahead.
Look for more amazing monologues on all sorts of incredibly important topics soon!!

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